SWOC Analysis

1. Institute has strong ethos OCTAPAC culture.

2. Blended and Hybrid Teaching Pedagogy.

3. Student centric function with mentoring, counseling through teachers & effective academic monitoring.

4. Safe, secured, SATID (Smoking, Alcohol, Tobacco, Illegal Drugs) free, green & ecological campus.

5. Flagship Program at national-level

6. Entrepreneurship Development Cell

7. Transparent & Value based governance Industry-Institute interaction

1.Alumnae Connect.

2. Education level of Learner from different demography.

1. International Linkages.

2. More connect & partnership with local ecology- those in private, nonprofit, and public sector

3. Consultancy in collaboration with national agencies

4. Approach to Funding agencies

5.Continuing education for intellectual enrichment

6. Even though on campus placement record is consistent, there is enormous scope for achieving higher placement all together ( Branding & Positioning)

1. Risk of losing prominent faculty & staff

2. Growing competition

3. To strengthen alumnae network worldwide

4. Funding projects from industry