The Zeal Group of Institutes believes, to develop all-round personalities shouldering organizational responsibilities in the business world and society alike, physical fitness is a must. Men’s Gym is developed at D-Building with a training space of The gym accommodates various facilities like floor exercise systems, strength training equipment, treadmill, and a table tennis court and has a multi workstation. The gym is adequately lit and ventilated and has an HD TV and DVR system for effective training.

A designated trainer identifies the level of the gymnasts (viz., beginner, intermediate, or advanced) based on their strength, flexibility, and physical coordination and accordingly design a suitable exercise regimen to improve the same to the optimum.

The purpose of the Gym is to build a healthy mind in a healthy body; this ensures our students are able to cope with work-related stress and make them disciplined.

Women’s Gym:

Gone are the days when women’s fitness was synonymous with boring diet plans and an obsession to look ultra-slim. Many a time, that meant sacrificing vital nutrients and allied health problems rather than a healthy body. The new age, progressive women have redefined their fitness. It includes healthy eating and some real workout at the Gym.

Understanding the paramount importance that fitness holds in the lifestyle of corporate women, Zeal Group of Institutes has established an exclusive Women’s Gym at J-Building.

Our All Women Gym has the following salient features:

  • Unintimidating & fun-filled atmosphere
  • Qualified trainers
  • Personalized training regimes
  • Exercise Classes
  • Spinning
  • ABS Circuit Space
  • Treadmill & other Cardio-Vascular Exercise facilities.