ICT Facilitites

ICTs provide a variety of tools to support and facilitate a teacher’s professional competence. ICTs transform teaching and helps teachers to be more efficient and effective, thereby increasing their interests in teaching. The use of ICTs can assist in the organization and the structure of the course and course materials, thereby promoting rethinking and revision of the curriculum. This helps students to carry out more independent work and gives the teacher more time to focus on teaching higher-level concepts in the classroom. ICTs provide teachers with opportunities for experimenting with emerging technologies, thereby aiding in the provision of interesting and creative presentation of content. In ZIMCA all computers are connected with LAN and internet using CAT6 cables. It gives a wealth of information via connectivity of 35 Mbps to the entire. The institute has a Wi-Fi campus providing a 24×7 internet facility. Wi-Fi enabled you, enjoy the internet irrespective of where you are on the campus.

Jio Access Point

Jio WiFi


WiFi Tower

CCTV Camera In Exam Control Room

Class Room With LCD Projector