Secretary Message

To quote Winston Churchill “We shape our buildings. Thereafter, they shape us”. We shape our words, thereafter they shape us.

With the goal to structure the “Education experience”, to make the stereotypical walls of conventional norms both penetrable and scalable thereby transferring the ownership to the end-users here our students to foster in them a sense of belonging and ownership, we at Zeal have established Center of Excellence in various departments.

The lifestyle priority of the millennia is defined by experiences, convenience, comfort, and access. With this in the background at the forefront, we have Zeal Fitness Club and Yoga Center.

We have a Music studio, Dance Studio, Recording Studio, Gymnasium, Archery, Shooting Range and Basketball Court.

The comprehensive development of an individual happens at a mental, physical and spiritual level and so we have established a Zeal Meditation Center.

To quote George Bernard Shaw: “This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose you consider a mighty one, the being a force of nature, that the world will devote itself to making you happy.”

For me, the purpose is to promulgate education in a refined manner to bring forth a paradigm shift in the quality of life of individuals. Through the contribution of our students, we have undertaken certain projects in villages so as to facilitate a better lifestyle through rainwater harvesting, tree plantation. Under the Swach Bharat Abhiyaan our students’ clean villages. They guide people on energy conservation. Our students’ collected food grains for the drought-affected farmers- these altruistic virtues are what make us ZEAL.

Come join hands with us to be the harbingers for change in the field of education… from KG to PG.

Mr. Jayesh S. Katkar