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(Note: Rate the following parameters on a scale 1 to 5)
(5= Excellent, 4= Good, 3= Neutral, 2= Ordinary, 1= Need to improve)

*Subject Code101102103104105106
 Faculty InitialsMKSMPKNLAKVN
P1Explains this subject in simple language.      
P2Conducts lectures regularly, sincerely and insist discipline.      
P3Uses appropriate teaching aids to enhance understanding and learning capacity.      
P4Takes sufficient efforts to simplify difficult problems/concepts.      
P5Give inputs for content beyond syllabus, related to subject.      
P6Provide adequate Course material (like Notes, Book references etc.)      
P7Uses a variety of assessment strategies, (like assignment, class test, Competition etc…) to improve student success and to enhance competency and skill.      
P8Do the periodic assessment based on students understanding of course content and achievement of course objectives.      
P9Interactive, Caring, Approachable and having mentor attitude.      
P10Is the content of subject/course sufficient to gain the fundamentals and conceptual knowledge from lifelong learning perspective? (Provided by teacher)