Student Code of Conduct

Dear Student,

We as a Zeal Family welcome you all,

As Zeal Education Society’s vision “To empower society with holistic development through quality education”, we take into account all the components of holistic development through DISCIPLINE as DISCIPLINE act like a bridge between goal and accomplishment and rightly said by Jim Rohn:

“Success is nothing more than a simple few disciplines practiced every day”

Zeal Education Society’s continuous endeavor tries to inculcate constructive discipline and positive attitude in our students, where the following “Code of Conduct” is implemented and practiced with the aim.



Zeal Education Society has both rights and responsibilities in fostering and maintaining a safe and respectful learning community for all. Therefore, this Code of Conduct has Four-Dimensional Approach:

1) To be educational,

2) To prevent future violations,

3) To address violations in a manner commensurate to the seriousness of the violation,

4) To fix any harm done to the community.

Whenever possible and when appropriate, sanctions focus on helping students learn from their mistakes and model skill development that will be useful as they continue in their education, approach and in their future employment.

The College/Institute expects students to behave in an exemplary manner, both academically and socially. Students are expected to adopt a mature and professional approach to their studies and their general conduct in and around the College. The College honors its professional commitments to students by providing quality teaching-learning and guiding, mentoring and supporting students in their career development. In addition, the College will offer further education and workplace opportunities, entrepreneurial spirit, and ethical and moral support to grow in a healthy and competitive environment for students to maximize the probability of success. As a partner in students’ learning, we expect students to abide by this Code of Conduct.

Below mentioned Code of Conduct is applicable equally whether in College premises or carrying out activities related to student enrolment at the College, for example on field trips, sports matches or work experiences. All students shall be required to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the students of Zeal Education Society (ZES), an institution of high reputation, within and outside the precincts of the institution.

A student must:

  1. Attend the Institute from the day of opening to the last day of each term during the academic year.
  2. Be regular and punctual for theory and practical classes/labs. In case, the attendance falling short of 75% for each, theory and practice, the term will not be granted.
  3. Note that failing to complete the term work regularly and to the entire satisfaction of the respective faculty and Head of the Department (HoD), his/her term will not be granted and will not be allowed to appear for the university examination.
  4. Complete all the term work such as Journals, Drawing Sheets, Workshop or any other assignment as per schedule.
  5. Attend Guardian Faculty Meeting without fail on scheduled day and time.
  6. Dress code: Attend the college in full college uniform on the specified days as follow:

Day Particular Code of Conduct

Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and whenever instructed Dress Code College dress code (Blue formal trouser and shirt, tie and polished black shoes)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and whenever instructed Formal Dress (informal dressing is not allowed in the campus)

All days Black shoes Black shoes with neatly polished, (No other foot wares are allowed in the campus)

Note: No pieces of jewelry, accessories, and valuables are allowed on the campus.

Important notes:

  1. Wear proper college dress code during the examination.
  2. Student’s not adhering to dress code policy will not be allowed to attend classes and will forfeit the attendance for the classes missed.
  3. For repeated violations even after three [03] warnings, students will have to appear and explain their behavior to the HoD / Principal.
  4. ID- Card:
  5. Any student found without Id- Card may be prohibited from entering the campus.
  6. The loss of the I-card should be reported immediately to the coordinator with an application. The librarian must also be given a copy of the same. Rs. 300/- will be charged for duplicate I-card (including tag and holder).
  7. Treat all members of the College community with respect and courtesy.
  8. Value the facilities, books, and resources provided to assist in the studies.
  9. Comply with the College’s IT policy.
  10. Follow the College’s health and safety policy and be mindful of the safety of the community
  11. Switch off phones and store them out of sight in class, unless by permission of the teacher.
  12. Important Notices/Notifications/Circulars etc are displayed at separately allocated Notice Boards & Information corners on the campus, students are expected to make it a practice to regularly read such displayed information

A Student must not:

  1. Bring non-students on the College campus. Any visitors must be taken to check-in at reception. If you are aware of any unauthorized visitors, you must report this to a member of staff.
  2. Bring four-wheeler on the campus (prohibited by AICTE norms.)
  3. Smoke or use e-cigarettes at any part of the College campus.
  4. Bring alcohol on the College premises or be under the influence of alcohol at any time during the College day.
  5. Drive any motorized vehicles on the College campus unless by permission.
  6. Be in possession of any bladed articles, offensive weapons or firearms.
  7. Be in possession of illegal substances or bring such substances onto the College campus.
  8. Be under the influence of illegal drugs, legal highs or any other non-prescribed psychoactive substances.
  9. Engage in any violent or threatening behavior.
  10. Bully, harass or discriminate against any member of the College community.
  11. Use College facilities to send or view any obscene, offensive or illegal material.
  12. Behave in a manner, within or outside College that may bring the College into disrepute. This includes any criminal or antisocial behavior.
  13. Involve any political or anti-social activity.

If any student fails to observe any aspect of the Code of Conduct or associated policies, the College’s disciplinary procedures may be implemented.

Zeal Education Society has laid down this code of conduct with the mindset of educative rather than punitive, and aimed at helping students to understand their behavior and its impact on others. However, significant sanctions can be imposed based on the severity of the violation of the Code of Student Behavior and Community Standards.