Apart from having adequate no of books, journals, periodicals and reports, our library is digitally accessible, has a spacious reading room and a very enthusiastic library staff to cater to the students and faculty members learning needs. Students can access books via Total Stock:

Total no. of Volumes: 2500

Book Titles : 711

Reference Books: 368

Total no. of Periodicals: 35

Expanse: There are Reading Hall, Journals and Magazines and Newspapers Sections.


The library is computerized using Autolib Software and independently uses one server (Reference Section) with four terminals. Internet connectivity also is operated for addition of new books selected from various web-sites; in addition to routine selection and procurement process.

Technical journals

Library regularly subscribes to 48 titles of which 24 are international titles. The library has joined the INDEST-AICTE consortium. This facilitates access to more than 1000 online journals with back-issues.

Digital Resources

A separate stock of over 150 CDs is maintained separately.

Magazines and Newspapers

10 newspapers and 48 magazines are regularly subscribed and are made available in Reading Hall for students and staff.

Reprographic Facilities

Library extends reprographic facility to its users. Central library owns an A3 Printer-Scanner-Copier.