Composition Of IQAC

Compositon Of IQAC

It is our endeavor to take ZIMCA towards excellence. To achieve this objective Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is established.  Following are the members of the IQAC:


Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation
1 Dr. Aditi  Markale Chairman
2 Mr. Sachin Hadole Member (Establishment section)
3 Dr. Manisha Khaladkar Member(Faculty Representative)
4 Prof. Prashant Kumbhar Member (Faculty Representative)
5 Prof. Nilesh Limbore Member (Faculty Representative)
6 Dr. Sanjay Deokar Member (ManagementRepresentative)
7 Ms Priya Pawar Member (Representative from local society, Students and Alumni)
8 Mr. Rakesh Katkar Member (Representative from Employers / Industrialists/stakeholders)
9 Dr. Ravindra Gadge Coordinator


The period of appointment of nominated members shall be of two years from the date of establishment of IQAC.
It is necessary for the members of the IQAC to shoulder the responsibilities of generating and promoting awareness in the institution and to devote time for working out the procedural details.
Please Note:
1)   The IQAC should meet at least once in every quarter.
2)  The IQAC would be in action w.e.f. 16/10/2017.