Alumni Meet Feedback

Dear Alumnus,

Thank you for considering Zeal Education Society’s, Zeal Institute of Management and Computer Application, Narhe, Pune as a destination of your Post-graduate studies. This form has been designed to seek suggestions or comments from you about the college. The information provided by you will be kept confidential and will be used as important feedback for quality improvement of the programme of studies and the institution.

  1. Preliminary Information
  2. Name of the Alumnus :_______________________________________
  3. Address of the Alumnus :_______________________________________



  1. Contact Number :_______________________________________
  2. Email ID :_______________________________________
  3. Year of completion of course :_______________________________________
  4. Present Occupation/ Designation :_______________________________________
  5. Name of Company :_______________________________________

For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by selecting appropriate option.

(Note: 1= Excellent, 2=Very Good, 3= Good, 4= Average, 5= Poor)

Sr, NoStatements12345
1How do you rate the courses that you have learnt in the college in relation to your current job / occupation?     
2Infrastructure and Lab facilities     
4Canteen Facilities     
6Office Staff     
7Hostel Facilities     
8Educational Resources     
9Admission Procedure     
10Development activities organized by the College contributed to your overall development?     
11Guest session on “Basics of handwriting and Signature Analysis”     
12Overall coordination of today’s alumni Meet     
13Today’s dinner     
14Overall Rating of the College     

12) Are you interested to become a member of ZIMCA Alumni Association of our College?

  1. Yes b) No

13) If yes, tick ( ) the role you are suitable

1) President                 2) Vice- President                   3) Secretary                                                4) Treasurer                        5) Member

14) As an alumni, are you interested to contribute in different college activities? ( tick on your interested multiple activities )

1) Guest Lecture                     2) help to organize Industry Visit       3) Workshop

4) Seminar/Conference           5) Training & Placements                    6) Other_________________

13) As a student or Alumni Do you have any grievances with the College?

  1. Yes b) No

14) If the answer is ‘Yes’, please specify / indicate the grievance.


15) Suggestions if any: